I'm a game developer and writer living in Ithaca. I like retro technology, linguistics, and deep lore.

You can find me elsewhere on YouTube, Twitter,, and SoundCloud.

"Fantasy abandoned by reason produces impossible monsters: united with her, she is the mother of the arts and the origin of their marvels."
— Francisco Goya

Video Game Development

Noli perdere tempus lusoris.
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Neo Virginia RPG

Neo Virginia RPG is an old-school 2D cyberpunk JRPG set in a retrofuturistic dystopian Virginia. It's based upon the
Neo Virginia Facebook page, created by my friends Rhys Davis and Miles Turner.

Neo Virginia RPG has been in development since 2016-05.

Sea Level Slow-Up

Sea Level Slow-Up is a cooperative educational environmental board game about the tragedy of the commons. This game WON the college games category of the Arctic Climate Game Jam! In this game, three countries of the polar ocean - the U.S., Canada, and Russia - must work together to achieve carbon neutrality or all of them will be flooded.

This game was created by Benjamin Hemphill, Dustin Snowadzky, and yours truly in our Board Game Design class at Montgomery College. At present Dustin and I are focused on fine-tuning the game for an official educational release as well as securing protection, so details are sparse by design.

We were commemorated by the Montgomery County Council on 2017-09-19, presented by Councilmember Craig Rice. It was a lot of fun! You can watch a video of the proclamation and read about it on the Montgomery College website. Unfortunately, Ben was unable to attend the proclamation, but Russell Allen, a winner from last year's National Climate Game Jam, was in attendance.

The Temple of Agade

The Temple of Agade is an escape-the-room game created by Albert Walderhaug, Chris Blendermann, and yours truly for our board game design class. Players assume the roles of a team of archaeologists who have become trapped in an ancient Akkadian temple by three mysterious votive idols known as the Tertu. The spirits give them puzzles to solve. Players must prove they are worthy to be freed within one hour, before sunset seals their fate forever.

The Temple of Agade has been praised for its focus on narrative and for its interwoven, historically relevant puzzles which make use of custom physical props. Moreover, our game was received well enough by our peers that we considered proposing it to the Rockville Panic Room, a local escape-the-room facility in Rockville. Here's a video Albert made.

One Stone

One Stone is a party game for two or more players. It concerns alien influence effecting the evolution of Human sapience. I'd say in retrospect it was more of a lesson in presentation.

Shards of the Sun

Shards of the Sun is a 3D first person exploration game about a futuristic solar-powered city called Pinetopia. A team of five people - Ben Bass, Ben Lewis, Brandon Washington, Joel Landy, and yours truly - developed this game in spring of 2016 at Montgomery College, with music by Xisle. The game was praised for its art direction, mechanics, and cinematography.

There are plans to continue development on this game. If you'd like, you can download the latest build.


Monoceros is a 2D sidescrolling platformer about unicorns on a spaceship. A team of six people - Anthony Jacinto, Edoardo Martinelli, Mark Chidi Ukah, Victor Ukah, Mooki Allen, and yours truly - developed this game in spring of 2015 at Montgomery College. The game was praised for its art direction, scope, playability and level design.

There are plans to continue development on this game. If you'd like, you can download the latest build.

Publications and Writing

Given unrealistic premises, construct realism.
"Deadpan low-fi conceptual sci-fi constructed from obscure cultural flotsam and ephemera, scientific phenomena, and intricately-layered in-jokes, and Terry Pratchett wit, where every stray soda can probably has a planned backstory."
— my colleague Steven Ostuni, after being asked to describe my stylistic hallmarks

I probably have what most people would call "worldbuilder's syndrome".

My work is featured in MACRO: An Anthology of Image Macros, a cross-section of internet image poetry, published by Boost House in 2016-07.

I participated in NaNoWriMo in 2015. I also participated in 2016, but life got in the way. You know how things are.

2D and 3D Animation

The Digitree Process

While working at Digitree LLC in Washington, D.C., I was tasked to create a 3D-animated illustration of the company's family media collection digitization process. The Digitree Process is a 1m12s investor- and client-oriented private commercial animation taking inspiration from The Way Things Work and HGTV flythroughs, created in Blender and finalized on 2019-07-18. The video showcases the complete process of analog media digitization. The chaos of analog family multimedia takes up space in a house with no easy way to access or enjoy it. The media is collected, carefully sorted, digitized, and then presented back to the family, accessible both in digital format and via archival-grade preservation of the original media.

Space Legs

Space Legs is a 3D animation test of Captain Harry Dean, using motion capture data to provide movement. Full quad geometry. I produced this in Autodesk Maya at Montgomery College in spring of 2017. It's a little wonky, sure, but that's nothing a little weight-painting can't fix. Probably I'll remake it in Blender. I have plans to use this character in an episodic series.

And So On...

I aim to be a self-sufficient creator. This includes making music for my games. You can find my music on SoundCloud. I've also made a few acapella harmony covers of various songs.

My favorite bands are The Offspring, Cake, and Marcy Playground. I also dig The Dear Hunter, Panic! at the Disco, Liv Sin, TMBG, and Blue Man Group.

If you're interested in the night sky, my father is an astronomer. Check out Virgil Observatory for stellar photography.

Keep your eyes peeled; there is still much more to come. Thanks for visiting. I hope you have a fantastic day!